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Health Care/Pharmacy Delivery Management Portal


 Your Health Care/Pharmacy Delivery Management Portal provides you a complete set of tools to order and manage your deliveries conveniently and efficiently in one place.


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Why is outsourcing is better?

v  With vehicle repair, insurance, fuel and increasing wage and benefits costs, it can cost you an average of $200.00 or more daily per vehicle to perform in house  deliveries. When using a dedicated courier, no deliveries means no costs to you because you’ve efficiently eliminated a fixed cost which can translate  to a very large and noticeable real savings for you annually.  


v  Pharmaceutical professionals and their staff’s high level skills are too valuable to spend time making time consuming deliveries.  Instead, these skills are better reserved for cultivating your clientele, advising your clients and managing your overall business which is demanding and time consuming enough. 

Many businesses have already seen the advantages of outsourcing at many level of their business model.


What is our solution for you?

Our Medical/Pharmacy Delivery Service is designed as a cost effective on demand service that offers you Same Day deliveries for only  anywhere within the Mississauga area.  All orders placed by 11:00 AM will be delivered by 5:00PM or earlier. A Next Day price for Same Day delivery is a deal in itself without the additional advantages for you as listed:

ü  Free weight for packages up to 20 lbs which is sufficient for most OTC items.

ü  Free insurance up to $100.00 dollars on all shipments. So your shipments are always protected.

ü  Online automated ordering, tracking and waybill printing keeping you current with technology making you more competitive.

ü  Convenient and seamless door to door service offering you an added value service that larger pharmacies currently offer that you can now offer to your elderly and disabled clients.

ü  A price low enough for you to add a surcharge for you to make a profit on deliveries.


Why partner with us?

For over 25 years Metro Mississauga Courier, a local company, has helped local clients like you to move their items reliably and efficiently. We have moved medical supplies for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world from critical, time sensitive and life saving medications to general supplies for over a decade which gives us a unique experience in knowing how to handle your type of deliveries. We have a strong online presence and provide all the tools you need online to place, manage and track your deliveries and even pay securely for pay as you go clients without requiring an account.