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Specializing 'In Time Sensitive' Rush, Same Day & Customized Courier Services.

Reliable and fast courier delivery service for the Mississauga, GTA, Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Call us now and get your delivery there with one of the most established and experienced couriers in the GTA for over 25 years.

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And More Destinations...

  You are more than just a tracking number to us. Metro Mississauga Courier Service is more than just a delivery company. We are your knowledgeable and reliable partner in finding solutions for you in a fast, affordable, reliable  and personalized way. Call us now. 

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    Over 25 Years of Reliable Rush and Same Day Courier Delivery Service Throughout Most Of Ontario And Beyond

    Metro Mississauga Courier Service is a trusted brand among delivery companies and provide courier service for the Mississauga, Toronto, GTA, Ontario and most areas not mentioned. We specialize in Fast & Affordable "Time Sensitive" and "Specialty" Deliveries. If you are looking for reliable courier services, then we are the ideal delivery solution for you.

  • Personalized & Customized Service

    We believe that our clients are more than just a tracking number. We work with you until it arrives securely, safely and on time.

  • Dependable & Experienced Team

    We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service that go beyond just providing courier services. We can advise you for the right solutions.

  • Reasonable Pricing & Varied Delivery Options

    We will find the best ways to keep your costs as low as possible. No hidden charges and flexible services allows you to choose the best options.

  • Comprehensive Online Tools That Help You to Reduce Waste & Duplication

    Our site is not just a site. It is a valuable tool to our clients. No other courier company offers the full range of technology to manage your shipping administration. From ordering online and printing waybills to viewing your account details on your time and convenience. Using less paper is good for us all.

Range Of Services & Vehicles

  • Courier Services : Direct, Rush and Same Day Deliveries

  • Delivery Vehicles : Cars, hatch, wagons, vans or trucks

  • We ship envelopes, boxes to skids. So we can take care of all your rush delivery needs. Advance bookings and multiple deliveries saves you money. Call now.
  • Secure And Fast Delivery Service

  • Healthcare/Pharmacy

  • Tenders & court items

  • Immigration items

  • Property closings

  • Gifts & personal items

  • Custom delivery & more

  • Reasons to use us are...

    The Best Service

    Our Staff take your valuable deliveries seriously. We endeavor to provide the best service to our clients because your valuable delivery is as important to us as it is to you. Our company aims to make you 100% satisfied. We believe in creating long term relationships with our clients by providing personalized and reliable service. So take this opportunity to try out our full range of delivery solutions now and become a satisfied customer today. It only takes one delivery right now to make you one of our success stories.

    Your Top Choice

    You can depend on our courier service. Metro Mississauga Courier has over 25 years of experience, delivering many packages successfully in that time. From pick up to delivery, your item will have our full attention and we will promptly communicate the status to you in the event of any issues. Rest assured that you are using one of the top and most experienced same day courier in the industry. After using us, you will make Metro Mississauga Courier Service your goto rush, delivery solution. So call us now.

    Customer Satisfaction

    For direct, rush to same-day deliveries, our experienced drivers and staff will make sure that your valuable shipments are delivered safely, securely, reliably and on time every time. With our care and expertise, we will provide you with a hassle-free, cost-effective and reliable delivery. We are confident that once you use our services, you will continue to use us again. Customer satisfaction is our mission statement. You can always count on our courier company to go the extra mile for you. Take the next step and call.

    For international, the United State and out of province, we can provide you with same day and rush local deliveries in the GTA and Ontario locations. We can pick from your specified locations such as terminals, cargo warehouses, offices and homes and deliver them as you need. We have provided and continue to provide this type of service for many clients over the years successfully. Our company specializes in doing deliveries other couriers cannot. We are flexible and we can adjust to whatever your needs are. Clients from all over reach out to us when they need solutions to their critical and unique needs, not just our local clients. Our experience will ensure that your deliveries are done properly the first time. Clients can pay conveniently online through electronic money transfer and credit cards making your experience even more hassle-free. Our primary responsibility is to create a good customer experience for any client that entrusts us enough to deliver their valuable shipment promptly and securely. Not all courier companies are the same. Let us show you the Metro Mississauga Courier difference and why we are the right choice for you.

    Our courier company shines with critical shipments requiring a point to point deliveries. If you require white glove rush or same day delivery we are an ideal option for you. We will deliver your items exactly as per your instructions. We have not lost a delivery yet and we guarantee that your delivery will get to where it is going safely and securely every time. By keeping a good ratio of deliveries to drivers, we can provide a higher level of service than generally found in the courier and delivery industry. Also, this ratio allows our staff to provide better control of the delivery items for tracking purposes. Most companies overload their drivers with deliveries which results in a greater chance of losses, damage and late arrivals. Why gamble with your deliveries? With us, you don't have to.

    Courier companies that offer all ranges of services from next day to rush deliveries spread their resources too thin. This can only result in less reliable rush service resulting in a diminished value to you. When using a particular service, it's most beneficial for you to use providers that specialize and focus their resources particularly on the service you are looking for. This increases better results and more value for you. The saying 'jack of all trades, master of none' fits the courier industry very well. So if you have a time-sensitive deliveries that require special care, then Metro Mississauga Courier Service is your smart choice. This is why many experienced shippers keep their delivery tasks separate by having an overnight courier for their non-urgent deliveries and a rush/same day courier for their critical shipments.